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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 • Tuesday, October 25, 2011 • 0 comments
Hyep n assalamualaikum

dikesempatan nie ..
saia ingin ucapkn 
selamat mnyambut ari deepavali ..
kpd semua kngkwn saia
yg beagme hindu ..

now let's start our story
oppsss !! not our , but mine
hehehe i'm sorry

urmmm today I want to story to 
all of u about today

firstly , today me n my mama
was bake some cake
for uor neighbour

me n my mama
was bake choco cake
with some chocolate chip
urmmm that's yummy

n then , today
me n my fwen go to school ..
to take PMR certificate

what a shamed..
at school , to many brothers n sisters
to study group ..!!
huhuhuhuhu ^.^

at 1.15 p.m
I've to take my younger brother from school
since my school off
so I've to sent n take my younger to/from school
that was so tired

n then , I've to go to caltex
to motorcycle oil content
for ur ifo , I don't take license yet
altough , me was old enough
hahaha ^.^

after , I take my younger brother from school
i was just sit quietly in my bedroom
with do some work .. like make a star from a piece of paper
huhuuhuhuhu ^.^v

for tonight
me n my family was go to stadium
to see my papa play badminton
with his fwen

n now
me .. jus sit on stage n play lappy
my younger brother , akim .. play my mama's phone
my younger brother , mimin .. read a book
my mama, copy a recipe ..
n my papa , of coz play a badminton

for tomorrow
I've a date
with my bestfwen
tomorrow her fmily do small bday party
for her younger brother
so maybe tonight or tomorrow
I'll go to shop for buy bday present

hehehe ^.^v
i got to go
n soei if my english was bad
at least I'm trying
to speak in english
despite relatively severe
hahahaha ..! bubye2 ..
i got to go now ..
see u soon
maybe tomorrow 
I'll do a new entry
n goodnight

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